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Showing posts from February, 2008

Heat and Bond

T his week I discovered a product called  HeatnBond Lite  for my applique work. It has made my life so much easier. It is a paper backed lightweight adhesive designed for the bonding of lightweight fabrics. In the past I would draw my design directly to the wrong side of my applique fabric, cut it out, pin it to my main fabric and sew it on. Sometimes the applique would shift causing me some aggravation. With HeatnBond I draw my design freehand directly onto the paper using a pencil so I can erase if I need to. Once I have my drawing complete, I roughly cut it out from the paper and iron it on to the wrong side of my applique fabric. Next I precisely cut out my applique, peel off the paper, place my applique right side up onto my main fabric and iron it on! Now my applique is securely in place so I can easily sew the edges with a decorate stitch. I found a website with a good  tutorial  to follow. This week I made some new handbags using this technique. Above I posted a semi-circle des

Art Deco Inspired Design

I spent an afternoon last week perusing my art books and got inspired by some Art Deco designs from the 1920's. After making several drawings on paper, I decided to go ahead and draw a freehand design onto some blue cotton velvet. I used gray herringbone wool for the main body of the handbag. 

Vintage Buttons from Archangel Antiques

T here is a wonderful antique store in New York City located in the East Village called Archangel Antiques . They have drawers and drawers filled with antique and vintage buttons. I found this beautiful brown velvet button that turned out to be perfect for one of my newest creations that was inspired by a vintage handbag from the 1930's. 

More Harris Tweed

T his is another design in Harris Tweed wool with a blue velvet applique.  A customer in Seattle bought this one last week. 

Semi Circle Design in Harris Tweed Wool

T his handbag, a semi-circle design made of Harris Tweed wool with a velvet applique of a leafed branch, sold to a customer in the Netherlands last week.

Pesky Cat Designs

Welcome to Pesky Cat Designs!  I create unique, one-of-a kind, handmade items. Each work is made one at a time with function and design being of equal importance. My work is inspired by nature, color and texture. I have a shop at Etsy   where you can peruse and purchase my creations. I post new items every week so check back often. I'll be posting works in progress, inspirations and finished pieces on my blog. Recently I purchased some beautiful Harris Tweed wool at my local fabric shop. See posts above to see what I created with it!