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A Warm Summer Breeze

Added a purse to the shop today inspired by a warm summer breeze. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Shop Update

Just added three new bags to the Pesky Cat Designs shop . The Cross Body Satchel has been popular so I'll be busy in the studio this week working on more.  Yesterday I pedaled my bike about 7 miles round trip to pick up some much needed supplies that made it possible for me finish up these new bags. Luckily most of the roads, including the highways, have bicycle lanes. The weather here has been beautiful so it was a pleasure. Wishing you all a great week!

12 Hour Sale!

12 hour sale at the Pesky Cat Designs shop! From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. this Easter Sunday, April 24th, enter coupon code HOLIDAY15 during checkout to receive 15% off you order. Wishing you all a Happy Easter and a wonderful weekend!

A Medley of Satchels

My long awaited shipment of interface finally arrived yesterday so I was able to complete a bunch of satchels. I'll be adding them to the Pesky Cat Designs shop tomorrow morning.  A variety will be available in different textiles and adornments. Inspired by the singing birds that come visit us daily, the scent of spring flowers in the air and days spent by the sea. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


A couple of weeks ago I came across this cool peacock fabric at  Mountain of the Dragon's shop  on Etsy. My dear friend who loves peacocks had a birthday coming up so I purchased a half yard of this gorgeous 55% linen and 45% cotton print. When it arrived it was even prettier than in the pic. The half yard was just enough to make a tote bag. I was so happy that she was thrilled with the bag! As this post is about friends, I want to mention another dear friend of mine, the very talented Damjana of  Loddelina  designs. She creates very unique and beautiful bags and accessories adorned with amazing embroidery and more. I am a proud owner of one of her super sweet keychains pictured below. She was kind enough to send me one as a gift/prize for completing our Holiday Boot Camp Challenge . I had my eye on it for a long time so you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I opened my package and there it was! Shop Update: Lots of bags are in production in the studio. I'm s

Faux Leather in Bone

Just added this faux leather duo in bone to the Pesky Cat Designs shop. It's a perfect color for the spring and summer season. Made with PVC-free faux leather that cleans up easily with soap and water. More faux leather bags in warm weather colors are coming soon. We spent most of today riding our bikes. The weather here has been beautiful. Today it was 84F/28C, mostly sunny and slightly breezy. Anni our kitty spent a lot of her time sleeping on a beach chair on our porch enjoying the warm breeze. Hope you are having a great day and wishing you a wonderful weekend!

More Warm Weather Inspirations

I just couldn't resist combining a classic cotton ticking stripe and natural jute webbing to make a new batch of warm weather inspired bags. I lined the inside with a sweet vintage look cotton floral print with tiny roses. These will be available in the Pesky Cat Designs shop in the next few hours. Coming next, faux leather creations in a lovely shade of linen!

Warm Weather Ahead

The first textile I think of when warm weather approaches is linen. It's light, airy and has a beautiful texture. The collection above is made from a durable and beautiful linen rayon blend home decor fabric in sandstone. The color conjures up images of sandy beaches and warm summer days. I've paired the linen with some jute webbing, wood buttons and appliques of birds and flowers. These bags will be available in the Pesky Cat Designs shop this afternoon. The tote bag will be on a special sample sale. It was created in my studio testing new materials and design ideas. The final design will be slightly modified.  If you are interested in faux leather bags I will be putting a few on sale late afternoon for up to 25% off to make room for a new collection. I just got a shipment of faux leather that I am eager to work with in warm weather colors such as linen and golden ochre.