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Souvenirs from a Road Trip Giveaway!

That's me in Miami Beach, Florida!

I'm back from a fantastic road trip around the South East, USA!  My partner and I started in NYC and went south on Interstate 95 down to Miami Beach, Florida. We made many stops along the way to amble about and see the sites. In honor of this wonderful trip I decided to have a Giveaway! The Giveaway will be my Saddle Bag, pictured to your left, filled with a few souvenirs ( a surprise!) from my trip. To enter the giveaway all you need to do is follow my blog and post a comment about your favorite vacation at the end of this post.  That's it! I'll pick one winner at random (I will use this coming Monday. Good luck!

A beautiful sunset in Venice, Florida ( aka "Shark's Tooth Capital of the World")


TTLOVE218 said…
My favorite vaction was a trip to Cancun! It was total bliss!
Bev said…
Looks like you had a great time! I love your work by the way! My favorite vacation was going to the Rocky Mountains and staying on the mountain. In one 3 or 4 hour period it rained, snowed, a cloud settled over our cabin and the sun came out. It was amazing! If you had gone to the mountains, you would have chipmunks and deer on your bags!
Cheery wave from Bev
Mariel said…
I'm following you! I love your bags! I'm always eyeing the ones with the birds on of these days I should probably just order it! I'm a sucker for anything with birds or leaves on them. I don't actually collect those things on purpose...that's just what I'm drawn too!

So, gardening via NYC apartment living doesn't sound too easy! If you're interested in plants...I actually know 10 times more about houseplants. I could give you some suggestions for those little window sills of yours! I'll have to do a post one of these days soon.

Oh, I almost most favorite really is hard to pick a favorite. I love taking trips to Oregon. I think that place is amazingly beautiful. I love how it not only has forest, lakes and mountains, but it also has the ocean with sandy beaches! My most memorable vacation was when we bought our car in ebay that was in New York, we flew out there and drove it home...stopping at a ton of sights on the way home to Utah. I used to live in New York too, so it's always fun to go back there.

Looks like you had a fun trip!
StaroftheEast said…
Looks like you had a wonderful time!
I haven't been on a vacation for a while, but I loved Venice, we where only there for 2 days as we went by car from Holland to Venice and then with a big boat from Venice to Marmaris, Turkey where we live now :)
Hope to win the bag, it looks great :D
Mitsy / ArtMind said…
I already follow your fun blog! :)
My very favorite trip was a trekking trip to Nepal about 10 years ago. I met up with a friend who had been trekking through India and we both would visit Nepal together. I didn't know her all that well and was afraid that it would not work out. I never ever laughed so hard in my entire life I think. Four weeks of great joy & beauty! Nepal is simply breathtaking & hey, I survived the trekking - don't think I'm in as good shape now. LOL :)
The bag looks fantastic & what a fun idea to put goodies from your vacation in there!
Emz said…
Haha I feel so awful when the first post I've ever seen on a person's blog is a giveaway- but your blog looks fun! It looks like you had so much fun=) Florida was fantastic when I went!
Katie said…
Thanks for the reminder, Elisa! Glad to hear that you and your partner had a relaxing vacation in Miami Beach.

My favorite vacation was the week we spent hiking in the Grand Canyon. We spent a few days at the National Park, then hiked down into the Canyon via a Native American village called Havasupai. It is a small, quaint reservation that belongs to the Havasu 'Baaja Tribe. (And the only place in America that mail is still delivered and transported by pack mules!) From there we were able to experience one of the most beautiful places in America (if not the world) - Havasu Falls. Words and pictures cannot describe the beauty of the crystal blue water and the sense of serenity you feel being there. It is a challenging 10-mile treck, but very much worth the amazing experience of this natural waterfall.
deepsouthrunner said…
My favorite vacation is Chicago, in the summer time. The beaches on Lake Michigan are open so you can go swimming, plus take in Navy Pier, shows, Millennium Park, the Cultural Arts Center, great restaurants, etc. Such a fantastic city!

andrea v said…
Follower, I went on a two week car trip to the west. We stopped at yellowstone, oregon, san diego, san franciso, vegas, mount rushmore... and so one. We had so much fun.
valerie2350 said…
follower -
fav vacation was a road trip up the coast of california - no specific plan, just did whatever we wanted and eventually made it to oregon :)
Unknown said…
My favorite vacation was to Negril, Jamaica, where I was maid of honor for a friend's wedding. It was fabulous.
Kjersten said…
My favorite trip was a road trip through Europe that 7 of my extended family took when I was 10 years old. We visited sights where my Grandpa fought in WWII (he was with us and told stories about the war). We also met extended relatives in Sweden. It was a trip that founded a lot of my curiosity in life.

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