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The Pesky Cat's Day Dream

I recently came across this incredible cat bed made by German artist Dornroeschen Filzunikate. This beautiful piece of functional art called a Katzenhohle, cat cave, is handmade of felted wool. It's definitely the most unique cat bed I have ever seen. It would bring a bit of nature into my urban NYC home.

I think my Anni would love a cat cave although her favorite spots right now are the pillow behind my head in bed, a straw basket that was meant to store magazines and a storage box made from fabric that becomes a hammock when she sleeps in it.

My sweet Anni

FOX 5 Update: A while back I wrote a post about a story that Fox 5 news was doing on Etsy and the handmade market. I was interviewed in my studio as part of the feature. An Etsy press agent recently informed me that the story aired April 15th and he also missed it. He said he is trying to get a copy of it from the studio. I'll be sure to post a link to it when it becomes available.


Those images are adorable! What a great idea!
Škorčica said…
How imaginative and cute this cat cave looks!
Anya said…
Oh oh
Hi Anni
Nice to see you
on your Mommy's blog !!
You are such a beauty :-)
So sweet and lovely....
A real tyger girl hehe
I send you many hugs
Kareltje =^.^=

I want that cat bed
so creative and modern
Never seen before :-)
Sarah said…
Absolutely adorable! For some reason that design reminds me of a pita sandwich!
Kitty Stampede said…
That bed is UNBELIEVABLE. I just adore it. Your Anni is so so cute!!
And that is beyond wonderful news about the fox news segment, keep us posted indeed!!!
Loddelina said…
You have to get the Katzenhohle, it looks like cat heaven!

Mmmm, I wouldn't mind having a yummy porch like the one in the picture (and a sweet cat to nap on it on warm days...)
Sandrine said…
What a great idea :)So cute! Looks like miss Anni likes to stretch so you may want a long one :)
Thea said…
That is crazy but amazing! Thank you for your kind thoughts. x
Yael said…
This cat is so sweet!! I love cats, we have two, Luna and Tami...
And the 'Katzenhoehle' is absolutely pretty!!
Yes, it looks really a little bit like a pita!
That is sooo cool!!

Your Anni is adorable. =D
How great is that cat cave, I'd love to snuggle up in it myself.
Your fur baby is too cute...and that cat bad. Wowza. That is uber cool!
Wow! That is a phenomenal bed/work of art! And your cat look so content. So sweet.
EvaForeva said…
OMG! That cat cave is amazing! I don't have a cat but I want one anyway.
Congrats on the feature.
abigail said…
that cat bed is amazing! i hope we get to see your TV appearance!
Esme said…
Annie is so sweet sleeping away. Give her a big kiss.
Esme said…
Anni-thanks for this post-you are so sweet sleeping away-I think Magellan may get one of these. Boy does Mama spoil him.
Andrea said…
That cat bed is adorable! I'm sure one of my crew would crawl up and hide in there! Love it.
Unknown said…
I am sorry I'm so far behind with your posts. Anni is such a beautiful cat. It makes me happy to know that you found each other in NYC and now Anni lives with you and has the comfy, loving home she deserves!

The Katzenhohle is amazing! It's a perfect cat bed, considering that my cats love to curl up inside of bags and boxes but this bed is much prettier than those things. Will Anni be getting one?

~ Amy

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