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Another Studio Location Coming Soon!

Pesky Cat Designs will soon have another workshop location. Starting August 1st I'll be working from my studio located in St. Augustine Florida! Those who have been following my blog know that I've made many trips to the area in the past few years. I'm excited with the prospect of being able to work from a new place that will bring me new inspirations and ideas.

My studio will be located within close proximity to several craft and green markets. If all goes as planned I hope to be able to sell my handbags at one of these markets as well as continue selling via my Etsy shop. I'll keep you posted with everything. Right now there is a lot of planning going on so I am not able to work on new handbags as much as I want to. As soon as all gets settled expect to see many new creations in the shop!


Yael said…
This sounds very exciting!!! I wish you luck, fun and success!!!
Thea said…
How exciting! I have to admit I much prefer living in a warm climate (after living in Canada) and I'm sure you will too! Markets are great for getting direct feedback. x
Lucky you, not even going to try to hide my jealousy!! I hope everything falls into place easliy for you!
You will love this old Floridian city. I don't know it well, but I've been through it, and I know it is one of the beautiful spots of Florida...a very beautiful state!
Loddelina said…
Wow, this is great news!
Your designs will be inspired by two completely different places, I guess we will be able to see the NYC and the beach line of bags...

Moving all your sewing stuff to another place can be quite a big job - but you will probably restock on your supplies in Florida...
What about your own pesky cat, Anni?
Sandrine said…
That is really exciting, moving, new ideas, markets wohoo!I do not know the places you mentionned but I will be delighted to discover them with you!;)Have fun and all the best Elisa! xx
That's so exciting! Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing what the new location inspires you to make.
Esme said…
How exciting-I hope you had a great 4th.
abigail said…
so great! congratulations!!
What a fantastic development. Congrats!
Thank you for all your kind words and congratulations. It means a lot. :))))
steufel said…
Congrats - and I love that bag!
Wishing you the best of luck, and the smoothest of moves.

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