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A Glimpse into the Studio

It's been a while since I posted a glimpse into my studio. This past Friday I was able to purchase some plastic storage bins and finally organize my space. The 90" long work table below was pretty much covered with various supplies, fabrics and finished bags leaving me very little space to actually work on. Now everything is in its place and I have finally regained my work space. It will make cutting fabric and drafting out patterns so much easier. 

Below is my sewing station complete with my trusty and reliable Juki. On the left is a glimpse of a Brother machine that I use for applique work. I purchased the chair for $10 dollars at a local second hand shop and reupholstered it with faux suede. It works perfect. 

The lovely sign below was designed by Tom and given to me as a gift. It comes with a stand that can be used for outdoor markets. And on your right is Anni tucked away in her favorite basket taking a rest from all the recent activities taking place at Pesky Cat Designs studio.


Leslie said…
How fun for me to get a peek into your studio today. I have never heard of a Juki sewing machine so now I'm curious. Love your work table and of course your sweet basket sleeping Anni. Thanks for sharing. Maybe someday I can see your studio in person. That would be nice!
Esme said…
Annie, is so sweet sleeping away. I can relate to being busy, I feel that I have not had any free time. I do not like that feeling before leaving.
Your studio is so sunny and happy--I love it, and I love your new work!
Love peeking into your studio. Anni is just adorable! Someday I hope to have a studio. I have taken over my dining room.
Thanks for stopping by my studio everyone!

Melanie- Back in NYC my living room and my dining room table serving as my work space for 3 years. Since moving to Florida I finally have an entire room to myself. Hope you can set up a studio space for yourself soon. I know how productive you are so you could really use one! :)
Loddelina said…
I am not sure if my comment from yesterday was saved...
- so again, it is always a pleasure to visit your creative space, Elisa, can't wait to see your new autumn creations!
Anya said…
Hi sweet Anni

we missed you soooooooooo much
nice to see you
on a special way :-)

Hugs and a big cuddle
Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<
Sandrine said…
I loved having a good sneak peek into your studio Elisa,so well organised and very bright just perfect for your assistant nap by the look of it lol. :)xx

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