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Freezing in Florida

I'm back from my week long vacation in St. Augustine, Florida. Founded in 1565, it is the oldest established city and the oldest port in the continental United States. My partner Tom and I stayed at a oceanfront hotel located on St. Augustine Beach, just 3.7 miles from historic downtown St. Augustine, with views of the sea and the sound of crashing waves from our room. The weather was quite cool for this time of the year with an average temperature in the low to mid 50's but we enjoyed exploring downtown, walks on the beach and having an indoor pool and hot tub to relax in. The hotel had an area with a glass wind barrier that made it warm enough to lie in the sun, even with a bathing suit on, in 50 degree weather. Walks on the beach required socks with sandals most days, yes I know that is a big fashion faux pas but I made it work with matching socks. I must say that I did not miss the hustle and bustle of NYC at all and throughly enjoyed the relaxation and peace.
Today in NYC it will be sunny with temperatures in the high 50's. I'll be working in my studio on some bags that I already cut and planned out before my trip. But first I plan to take a walk outside, get a coffee and sit in the sun for a while. Wishing everyone a wonderful day.


I miss Florida so much! Thank you for sharing your photos with us!
Anya said…
it sounds like music in my ears !!
I hope you had a wonderful vacation

Mitsy / ArtMind said…
Sounds like you had a fab holiday! New energy and new ideas will soon show up in your shop! :)
Leslie said…
The beach looks almost frosty - brrr...but frosty at the beach is better than frosty just about anywhere else! I hope you had a great trip and came back to NYC feeling refreshed & ready to sew. :-)
I love that last photo with those billowy clouds. Beautiful. And you look so happy. Glad you had a relaxing vacation. Welcome back!
I bet it was beautiful! (Even though it was cool) Sounds like a perfect place to take a vacation. Very relaxing.

It is sunny here today, too.
All the photos were taken by my partner Tom just as the sun was just setting so everything looks a bit dark and cool. Most days it was quite sunny though.

Thanks for all your comments. Such a nice welcome back for me!
Kitty Stampede said…
These are really pretty pictures!! I would love to go to Florida someday.
It's starting to warm up here too...Phew!
Meltem said…
What a wonderful beach and pictures! It seems you had a wonderful vacation. I need one too:)
Unknown said…
I've been to St. Augustine in February! YIKES! Cold. It's such a beautiful beach. We lived in Jacksonville, and it was my little hideout. We tailgated on the beach in the summer. We were poor and had two toddlers at the time. It was the only free thing that they really loved LOL!
Esme said…
That is rather disappointing. My brother went there a few weeks-he had the same comment-although it did not seem so cold-the south of France just had snow today.
Glad to hear you had a fab time here!
alissa said…
mmm im ready for a beach! looks great
Esme said…
I was quite excited to try out Le Creuset. I love the products and if it was not so expensive all of my kitchen pans pots would be Le Creuset.
abigail said…
sounds like you had a wonderful, albeit a little cold, trip!

The weather has been so weird lately. My friend in Austin was stunned to see snow a few weeks back and we have flowers blooming in Michigan in March! crazy
Sandrine said…
I hope you can keep a little of these relaxing/peaceful feelings in your heart as you return to the big city!Very brave to put bathers on even behind the glass wind protection!Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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