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Aviary Inspirations and More

I just added six new purses to the Pesky Cat Designs shop. There's a selection of Harris Tweed, corduroy and printed canvas. There are a couple of whimsical owls for those of you who are interested. Next week I'll have more bags made from printed canvas in a variety of themes.

Above is a photo of Anni in her favorite spot in our new home. She loves looking out the sliding doors to our balcony. She gets to watch exotic birds, butterflies, lizards and more. Our home is quite bare as you can see and we still need to hang up paintings on the wall etc. Slowly but surely we are settling into our new place. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


Sandrine said…
Beautiful owl bags design!What a happy little cat, it looks nice with lots of lights.Have a great week too x
Yael said…
Hi Elisa - you have been quite busy!
The new bags are beautiful! And I am sure you enjoy making your nice new home slowly beautiful as well! Of course Annie thinks it already is!
Have a good week! Yael.
abigail said…
I love that Anni is lying upside down!
so cute.
The floors in your new place look beautiful! It takes awhile to hang artwork- we've lived in our house for years and ours is still leaning against the wall. sigh.
G. said…
I don't know what's cuter, your owl totes or Anni :)

I agree with Abigail, those floors are beautiful!
Loddelina said…
Wow, the sea air is really giving you wings!

That painting waiting to be hung is one of yours, I suppose. And I see Anni is quite settled, she found her favourite place in the house and the favourite show to watch - what more could a cat want...
Penny Lane said…
I love that owl design!! It is truly amazing =)

PL ♥
Amy said…
Omg, that cat photo is precious! I love when they get on their backs like that. So cute!
Your cat is adorable!! Mine would go nuts with that view!

Beautiful new bag! Sounds like you have been busy.
EvaForeva said…
Ahahaha! Anni is the best!

I actually love the open space you have now. I am personally against too much furniture so to me it looks just right.
Thanks for all your comments!

EvaForeva- Personally I like the open space as well but the echo is driving me crazy! lol!
Love the owls AND the sunning fur baby!
Kitty Stampede said…
wowzees, looks really nice! and anni is adorable!!! they love their windows..heee, and that one is killer and huge! good for me.
i think secretly kitties like moving.

i love your new designs...super time.
i hope you are having a ball with your new home!!!
Kitty Stampede said…
oh lol, i know exactly what you mean, but the echo will go away soon enough once you get all your stuff unpacked etc.
I so enjoy reading all your comments!

Kitty Stampede- I have unpacked everything but there is still an echo echo echo. hehe Maybe hanging the paintings up will help. :)
Esme said…
Wow-it looks like the new house is quite roomy and airy.
Anni is super :)

Enjoy your new place, new home new life :))


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