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Holiday Boot Camp Update

In case you missed my original post, the Holiday Boot Camp Challenge is to have 100 items in the shop by December 1st. That goal was set on October 2nd at which time there were 40 bags in the Pesky Cat Designs shop so 60 more needed to be created. The idea came from the very talented Damjana of Loddelina bags. This challenge is not a competition, just a way to push ourselves to work towards a goal. During the holiday season it is good to have as much inventory as possible in your shop and this challenge has really helped me focus and work toward my goal. There are 16 more days left until December 1st and I still need to create 22 more items. In the next couple of weeks I'll have to find the perfect stride to gallop to the finish line! 


I love that bag...aren't horses becoming popular motivs at the moment. The fabric is very chic, cheers Katherine
Yael said…
You can do it Elisa - just focus and gallop on!
You will reach your goal! :-)
Very lovely pouch!
Whoa! That purse is a show-stopper! I love the added detail of the inside band--and it goes so well with the overall effect!
Thea said…
Yay! You can do it. BTW.. please email me as I would like to feature you on my blog.x thea[at]thea-sami[dot]com[dot]au
Loddelina said…
My pace has slowed down quite a bit over the past week so I'm not sure I will be able to reach the finish line but I am forever yourt fan, Elisa!

Go, go, go!
Hey there lady. Just wanted to make sure that you saw that you won the Margarita Bloom giveaway! Can you email us your mailing info when you have a sec?
Sandrine said…
You are doing such a great job!
A big breath and see the 100 finished in your mind...
PS: I have sent your parcel, can't wait to know when you get it!xx
Thanks everyone for your support! I will be galloping with your encouragement. :)

Sandrine- Can't wait to get my hat in the mail!!
Absolutely beautiful bag!!

You can do it!! BTW...thank you for posting about your goal. It has totally helped me to have LOTS inventory in my shop. Definitely worth it.
Kitty Stampede said…
Oh Awesome....can't wait to see what you come up with!!! :D
Geisslein said…
your bags are so beautiful! great work! have a lovely day today! greetings from germany, geisslein
Natanya Elka said…
I *love* this one... I was going to buy it and then it magically disappeared the next day! Glad you sold it, though. You're just a purse making machine ~ everything looks great!

Unknown said…
Good luck getting across the finish line , beautiful bags !

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