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Happy New Year!

Today it was 74 °F (23 °C) and partly sunny here in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida. It was a perfect day for being out and about. The image above was taken at around noon. Tom and I biked for several hours stopping only to watch the waves and to grab a bite to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant. 

Above is a sneak preview of work in progress at the studio. These Satchels are made from 100% eco-friendly hemp that is hand woven and hand dyed. This textile has a linen/burlap look and the colors are so earthy and gorgeous. These bags will be completed and available in the Pesky Cat Designs shop tomorrow afternoon. More bags are in various states of completion right now and should be listed in my shop by the end of next week. For the new year I'm thinking flower power, boho, rustic, folklore, indie, patchwork and denim. Earthy and natural. Not sure how many of these ideas will be transformed into handbags but if you stay tuned you'll find out!

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year ahead filled with peace, health and happiness! 


Unknown said…
Both the bags and the beach look lovely! It was a hot and sticky summer day here i n Sydney but now I can almost imagine the ocean breeze.. :)
Wishing you many beautiful bikerides this new year, 2011, Elisa! I love your new bags--so fresh and minty!
Sandrine said…
What a beautiful picture Elisa!
Wishing you all the same :) x
Annuk said…
Hi Elisa :)! Wishing you a wonderful year in sunny Florida, lots of joy, love, health and creative inspiration!
It was great meeting you at Yael's party :)!
Loddelina said…
I have a feeling 2011 will be a Pesky Cat Designs' year - can't wait to see all the new surprises from your shop!

We had a sunny New Year's day yesterday too, perhaps slightly cooler (a degree or two above freezing...).
Glad you like the keychain, if you are up to another sewing challenge, just let me know ;)
Esme said…
Happy New Year- I like the bags-just perfect for spring. It does sound like we had the same idea for a lovely sunny day-enjoy the weekend- Too bad we cannot get the kitties together for a day at the beach.

I look forward to reading many more posts from you.
lissa said…
just stopping by to wish you a joyous new year and may you have great happiness every day
Yael said…
Beautiful new bags Elisa!
A Good and Happy New Year to you, to the other biker and to Anni!
Happy New Year!! Gorgeous purses as always. Hoping 2011 beings you and your family many wonderful blessings :)
Happy New Year!! Sounds like a wonderful day! While it was warm here in Buffalo...not quite as warm as that. Now it is bitter cold.
Happy new year lovely lady!

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