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Certified Organic

There's a new purse in the shop made from a certified organic cotton floral print from the P. Kaufmann line of sustainable upholstery fabrics produced in partnership with the Nature Conservancy. This 100% certified organic cotton upholstery fabric is piece dyed using ecological dyes. P/K Conserves contributes five percent of the product sales to the Nature Conservancy to support the worldwide conservation efforts they make everyday. You can read more about this line of fabrics at P/K Conserves website.

While we are on the topic of organic, less than a week ago I planted some organic, non-GMO wheatgrass seeds and they sprouted very nicely. Our kitty Anni always had a supply of wheatgrass from the farmer's market when I lived in NYC. I couldn't find any here so I decided to grow it myself. She's been happily munching on it ever since!


Yael said…
Very nice bag Elisa!
And Anni - she is ever so lovely, such a pretty photo of her! :-)
The bag is beautiful, Elisa. The material reminds me of a modern barkcloth--and your cat is adorable!
Thanks for your comments! I tried to get Anni to look into the camera but she wouldn't get her head out of the wheatgrass. Lol!
EvaForeva said…
Oh my goodness! How awesome! I've been hiding plants from Oscar because they seem to make his sick. But he LOVES plants. Perhaps I should try that grass too. :-)
EvaForeva- I have read that wheatgrass is beneficial to cats. Anni eats it everyday. She loves it!

It grows really fast. I planted them on Thursday evening and they are already 7 inches high!
Sandrine said…
Such a nice adition to your shop Elisa, such a lucky little Anni! :)
PS: Oh that is right! I forgot that your dad was a pastry chef hummm such an amazing profession!
Kitties can eat that? Maybe my fur baby needs some!
Kristen- It is actually good for kitties digestion and helps in eliminating hairballs by giving them fiber and some vitamins. Back in NYC I use to buy a small pot for her every two weeks for $3 bucks at the Union Square Farmer's Market. They also called it Cat Grass. Anni is addicted to it!
I purchased the wheat grass seeds here.

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