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A Prototype and More

This week I spent some of my time in the studio creating birthday gifts for two dear friends. One friend only uses backpacks since she has trouble with her shoulders so I designed the bag above for her. I wanted to create a back pack that was both elegant and practical for her. I lined the inside with a waterproof quilted fabric since I know she always likes to carry a water bottle with her. I added a deep exterior pocket for things she might need easy access to such as keys or a cell phone. I plan to carry a backpack design in my shop soon!

The tapestry purse above is for another dear friend. 

The happy kitty purse will be available in the shop tonight. 

The purse above is made from a gorgeous fabric designed by Iman. Yes, the lovely super model and David Bowie's wife. I was not able to resist this fantastic print. It will also be available in the Pesky Cat Designs shop tonight!


Leslie said…
Love the backpack addition. What a wonderful friend you are to not only give, but handmake such thoughtful and wonderfully crafted gifts. You've really got a great variety of colors and textures in your shop now. I wish you every success!
Lakshmi said…
Elisa, I love all of them . The backpack is my fave. Not only coz its beautiful, but because of the thought you put into designing it. Your friend is very very lucky to have u :)
Hope you are well.
Yael said…
Elisa, I love that backpack very much!!! May I give you a tiny little advice or suggestion? Maybe better to put the zippered pocket on the back side - safer that way...
And thanks to everyone for your sweet comments!
Yael- Thanks for your advice. I am always very happy to get feedback etc. since it helps me to know what people are looking for and want in a handbag. :)
Kristin said…
I LOVE that last fabric!
Thea said…
The back packs are a great idea. I do agree with Yael though about the zipper being at the back. I also find it distracting being at the front.
Thea-Thanks for your advice. I appreciate honest comments. Just to let everyone know, this particular bag was designed for a friend with special needs. Easy access was important. But the bag I plan to carry in my shop will most likely have the zipper concealed under the flap. I am a little concerned about thing poking you in the back if I put a pocket on the backside. Not sure. Any more advice from experience etc. will be very appreciated. Keep them coming!
Thea said…
Concealed zipper is even better. You know what you're doing :)
Sandrine said…
Back pack is a real great addition to your range Elisa. I think you are right with the zipper, well done! xx S
EvaForeva said…
Oh, that backpack is just adorable! I love everything about it!

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