Thursday, January 26, 2012

Recycled Leather

Three new bags were added to the shop today made from leather apparel that was deconstructed and given a second life in my studio. These bags are actually all made from one coat I purchased at a thrift store back in New York. I enjoyed taking it apart and piecing it back together like a puzzle. 

For future projects I plan to experiment even more on incorporating pockets and other features already on the apparel to my bag designs. I already have plans for another two jackets that I scored today. Can't wait to get started!


glazedOver said...

Beautifully done! The leather gives the bags such a subtle elegance. Just lovely!

Francesca said...

Wow, you are so talented. I have no talent when it comes to handicrafts. I am following you from Rome, Italy.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Thanks for your comments and for stopping by glazedOver and Francesca!

Dia said...


Very nice, thank you for sharing these. Please stop by diadesigns1
I entered a photo contest, I need votes!

Talk to you soon.

EvaForeva said...

Yey for leather! Looks amazing!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

The small details are significant...and make a beautiful bag irresistible--the button! That is a real wow-factor in that clutch! Each bag is a stunning creation.