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Thursday's Photo Shoot

I'm happy to be back in the studio creating and designing full time again! This week I finished up three new colorblock purses and a blue velvet messenger bag. I'll be adding them to the shop tomorrow. Today the Pesky Cat Designs team went out for a drive to the sea. Took shots of the new bags and a few others. See more from today's photo shoot on the Pesky Cat Designs Facebook page posted here.

All these wonderful photos were taken by TN.


Sandrine said…
Oh you have been super busy Elisa, fabulous! Looks like your break was refreshing! I imagine the temperature difference would have been a little shock when yu arrived back!?
Annuk said…
WONDERFUL bags!!!! And the photos are gorgeous too!
I love your bags--on the beaches of St Augustine! The color-block series are new to me...beautiful!
Thanks everyone for your comments. It's always so nice to hear from you. These wonderful photos were taken by Tom who worked as a photojournalist. :)
Sandrine- Since we drove back from NY we had a gradually change of weather. And December in NY was unusually warm. So no shock for us. Lol!
Esme said…
Elisa, you have come up with some beautiful new bags. Where did you go by the water. It looks lovely. Give Annie a kiss from us.
Laura (TLN) said…
Looking fabulous - bags too. :) The beach is such a perfect setting. I adore the blue tweed one.
Esme said…
I am having a lazy Saturday as it is raining. Just made eggs benedict and goofing around on the web. I have never heard of that park. We went to the park north of Cape Canaveral about 16 months ago-the scenery looks very similar-just open beautiful sand.
Esme, We took the photos in Anastasia State Park located on Anastasia Island in St. Augustine, FL.
By the way, lazy Saturdays are the best!
Yael said…
I love those color block bags Elisa! Very trendy too!
So nice to see you back! :-)
How is Annie?
Unknown said…
hese bags are beautiful. I love the cotton velveteen, such a great idea to use that material.

The background in your photos is so pretty! That sky is an amazing clear blue and I love the trees and the look of the wood!

I hope Anni, the Pesky cat is doing well.
Thank you everyone for your comments. Anni is doing well. She was not pleased with the long drive back from NY but she loved staying in hotels with new and exciting window views. ;)
Annie Bear said…
Beautiful pictures for your beautiful bags. I love the blue messenger bag in the top shot against the blue sky and water. Your designs are just lovely.

Anni travels? I'm sure she doesn't like the drive but I think it's neat that she likes the hotel stays. Lucy and Simba have flown three times for relocation moves and have stayed in hotels too. I think they actually prefer flying to driving.

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