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Wonderful Yael, of PazzaPazza, has challenged us to do a blogpost on "Time" today. So here is my contribution, a little late in the day, but better late than never! 

This weekend was Daylight Saving Time here and that meant that we had to advance our clocks forward one hour. No one informed the stray rooster that lives across the street so he was crowing an hour later than his usual time on Sunday morning. Well, that depends on how you look at it. He crows at sunrise and that has not changed. But now sunrise happens at a later time. Well, at a later time according to the clock on the wall. 

So that brings me to my next topic. I now have an extra hour of sunlight in the evenings to work in my studio. That thought makes me realize how much I think about time.  How much time do I have, did I spend my time wisely, did I just waste time, did I spend enough time? I realize I am fooled into thinking I have extra time. The rooster knows best!


Yael said…
I am all smiles about your lovely post Elisa!
And you see: about daylight saving time I even did not think!
Have a nice day! Kuckerikuuuuu! :-)
I wish a rooster lived across from me--I love the morning sounds they make :-)
One of my favorite sayings about time is attributed to the Indians (Native American, of course).
Something like "only the white man can add an hour at the end of the day and think he has more time". I'll have to look for that one again to get it right. But that's how I feel about DST.

BTW, nice purses!
Carol-Thanks for leaving your comment. I agree with you on DST. I realize I am fooled into thinking I have an extra hour. The rooster knows best. :)
Dawn- I find his crowing so comforting! The kind people that own the meditation studio feed him. When the owner drives up he comes running to her car. It is quite a funny sight!
Yael-Thanks for your wonderful idea for a blog post! It was quite timely of you to think of that right at DST. ;)

I found this somewhere online and thought you might like it" In Germany the rooster greets the dawn with a hearty "kik-a-ricki." Greek roosters crow "kiri-a-kee," and in France they scream "coco-rico. Of course American roosters say cock-a-doodle-do. Lol!
Anne said…
Such a lovely blog!~ I'm a new follower ~ ♥♥

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