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A Crazy Week

Last week we had several things delay our move to St. Augustine, Florida but now we are finally moved into our new place.

I now have a huge studio space devoted just for Pesky Cat Designs. Our sweet kitty Anni was overwhelmed at first but now she enjoys climbing up and down the stairs of our home, something that she's never done since she's spent her entire life living in a one bedroom apartment.

I apologize for the delay in reopening the shop and for not being able to keep up with all your lovely blogs. At the moment we are still without internet service but hope to have everything up and running asap. I look forward to visiting all your blogs once my life is a little less hectic. See you soon!


Congratulations on your new home! I have been through St Augustine, and it is such a lovely little city--I am excited to hear about your experiences in the coming weeks!
You were missed! I'm glad everything fell into place for you after the initial glitch. Can't wait to hear more about your new studio and what you have planned for the shop!
Loddelina said…
Your new home sounds amazing - I can't wait to see some pictures!
i wish you a quick settling in so you can start creating some new bags very soon!
Dear Elisa ,

So happy for you you are in lovely home !
And i will be waiting new photos of your new beautiful place !
Cheers !
Congrats on your new place. I am glad you made it safe and sound. Can not wait to hear more about everything!!

hugs, melanie
Yael said…
Congratulations Elisa!
May you be happy and productive in your new home!
Like everybody else I am curious to hear some stories and to see new work!
I am sending you good vibes and a lot of energy!!!
Sandrine said…
That sound like a fabulous place!!Hope it all settle nicely soon!Looking forward to visiting St Augustine through your lens! Have a great week!x
Thea said…
Sounds lovely! I'm sure you will love your new surroundings. Thanks for the encouraging comments too. x
Laura Trevey said…
Thanks for visiting today!!
Hope you are doing well ~~

Don't forget to enter the fab giveaway:

xo Laura
windrock studio said…
Hey there Elisa, I came across your site thru Dawn's LaTouchables and when I saw that you are now living in St. Augustine, I had to be in touch. We lived there for almost four years, it really is a pretty place. I'd love to know where in the city you are, we were just a couple blocks from downtown.
Also, so loving your bags!
Beautiful work...all the best in your new home.
Sounds like you are very happy with your new home and city, wonderful!
Congrats and hope you'll have many happy years there :)

p.s. lots of pics of your new place, please :)
Amy said…
It sounds as if, given that you moved from NYC to beautiful, beachy Florida, things went pretty well. There are always unexpected (but really expected but unknown)delays when it comes to moving or building a home! It sounds like Anni took things pretty well in stride since a few days of anxious, unsure behavior is normal for animals & people alike. I'm sure you are both enjoying your new abodes! I hope so & I'm thrilled for you!

~ Amy

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