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Whimsical Prints and More

I've been working on a new collection of purses made from whimsical prints. The Wayfarer Purse above is made from a cool retro-look owl print in cotton canvas. The purse below is made from a gorgeous Annie Selke blue and cream print in linen and rayon. Both of these purses are now available at the Pesky Cat Designs shop.

I also added a few new Jewel Cut Purses in Harris Tweed and one in corduroy. And if you like messengers, there's a new Everyday Messenger in Brown with a sweet flower applique. More to follow!


Sandrine said…
Gorgeous new range Elisa, the owls are incredibly popular
:) Have a nice week ahead! x
Yael said…
Dear Elisa, both bags are very beautiful - but the one with the owls is just gorgeous! Your fabric choices are always very successful! It is so nice to see you back working, and enjoying the new part in your life!
Leslie said…
I really like these, the owls caught my eye especially. What is it about these little creatures with the big alluring eyes that draws us in? Both of these designs are a great addition to your line. Glad to hear you're getting settled in, I look fwd to keeping up with each other more regularly again! Hugs, Leslie
I love both of them--and I'd wear them both! That aerial view of St. Augustine is incredible--the lighthouse--sigh!
Loddelina said…
Amazing new bags, I love the pastel colours of the canvas patterns!
Hats off for having finished so many handbags and settling in the new place at the same time - a change of environment certainly gives wings to creativity!

*Blogger is not letting my comment go through- I'll try one last time...
abigail said…
I LOVE the owls! so cute!
Wow! Love these prints! A great addition to your shop! Someone ought to be an owl treasury and feature that wonderful bag :)
Beautiful bags. That owl fabric is adorable!
StaroftheEast said…
Love that second bag, such a pretty print in a beautiful shaped bag!
The owls will be populair in Etsy treasuries :)
Thanks for all your comments! :)
Anonymous said…
Ok, tempting me with yet another handbag - I am going to go over the edge! I LOVE LOVE LOVE those owls! Great bag as always!
Loddelina said…
I came back to see the owls again - and they just got sold!
EvaForeva said…
I am so sorry I haven't stopped by for a while but I was so glad to see your comment and right away had to catch up on your posts. You moved! Wow. I can't wait to see the new photos and more beautiful work that comes out from new inspirations!
Unknown said…
Boy have I missed a few things! I'm sorry I've been so bad about visiting. I will do better...promise :o)

Your whimsical print bags are wonderful! The owl print is adorable but my favorite is the Annie Selke blue and white print, wow!

~ Amy

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