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Front Pagers!

I had two Etsy front pagers yesterday! It's always wonderful to make it to the front page. I get many visitors to my shop and lots of feedback. Thanks Lilybrush and KatieBlairDesigns for selecting my work and creating such beautiful treasuries. They both have lovely shops on Etsy that you should check out. KatieBlairDesigns creates handmade original stationery designs. She's got beautiful notecards for the holidays and gorgeous flowers designs for sale. Lilybrush creates beautiful handmade designer clothing. Her garments have a retro chic look and are so unique. Happy shopping!


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The Pesky Cat's Day Dream

Katzenhohle by Dornroeschen Filzunikate I recently came across this incredible cat bed made by German artist Dornroeschen Filzunikate. This beautiful piece of functional art called a Katzenhohle , cat cave, is handmade of felted wool. It's definitely the most unique cat bed I have ever seen. It would bring a bit of nature into my urban NYC home. I think my Anni would love a cat cave although her favorite spots right now are the pillow behind my head in bed, a straw basket that was meant to store magazines and a storage box made from fabric that becomes a hammock when she sleeps in it. My sweet Anni FOX 5 Update : A while back I wrote a post about a story that Fox 5 news was doing on Etsy and the handmade market. I was interviewed in my studio as part of the feature. An Etsy press agent recently informed me that the story aired April 15th and he also missed it. He said he is trying to get a copy of it from the studio. I'll be sure to post a link to it when it becomes ava

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the best in the New Year! May it bring you much happiness. Hugs to you all!