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Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


Love that site!! Congrats on your FP!!
Damjana said…
Wow, I was wondering how one would know if their shop was featured on the Front page since it changes so fast (and half of the world sleeps at that time...). Congratulations, Elisa!
Kjersten said…
I didn't know about heart-o-matic. Thanks! I'm going to check it out. I love the seahorse design. It's my favorite.

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New Harris Tweed Patchwork

Just added a couple of one-of-a-kind Harris Tweed patchwork bags to the Pesky Cat Designs shop. It will be the perfect bag to pair up with your favorite fall or winter coat and add a pop of color to your day.
To create the flap I cut out squares of Harris Tweed wool and interface each piece. Then I play around arranging the different colors and patterns. That's the most fun part. When I am satisfied with the result I begin to sew them together. And that is how the patchwork flap evolves.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead. Enjoy!

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